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non gender specific

The Brand For All Humans

The Story

After noticing the gender segregation in the beauty industry and the countless products needed in skincare routines, founder Andrew Glass, an experienced beauty industry professional resolved these problems by creating his own brand - non gender specific - in 2018.

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Why We Love It

With a simplified and effective approach to beauty, each non gender specific product is intentionally formulated to address at least 7 major skin concerns, from wrinkles and fatigue to hyper-pigmentation and more.  This reduces the number of products needed in our skincare routines while achieving the same or even better results. By cutting down on the number of products used, this also minimizes the consumer waste created.


What It Is

Thoughtfully designed to break through gender boundaries and pound down the stigma of products marketed for men vs. women only, non gender specific products are for ALL HUMANS - regardless of gender, skin tone or skin type.

Social Impact

Vegan & Cruelty Free.


Sustainable Packaging: recycled hemp paper outer boxes manufactured from sustainable materials and processed using chlorine-free practices; thus significantly reducing the amount of harmful waste produced by paper processed with harmful chemicals.


P.S. In addition to being packaged in a sustainable glass jar, non gender specific’s fragrance Flooid is also thoughtfully encased in a plantable outer box made from biodegradable tree-less paper.

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