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Sustainable Living: Re-Purposing Your Empties

Product containers are thoughtfully designed by the brand founders to be functional in protecting the product’s active ingredients, practical in use and aesthetically pleasing on your vanity. But what can we do with these beautiful empty beauty containers once we finish the product?

Here are a few ways to give empty beauty jars a second life after giving them a good clean:

Florals and Plants

After picking up some fresh blooms from your local florist or your backyard, fill your container with water and add in flower food from your florist. If not, add a spoon of raw brown sugar into the water and give it a good stir. Make sure to give your flowers a fresh cut by trimming the stems at a 45-degree angle and insert into your container. Now they are ready to brighten up your home or office desk!

*Don’t forget to change the water every 2-3 days

Did you know that empty jar containers also make great pots for herbal plants!

Get Organized

Bathroom: Store your beauty essentials such as makeup brushes, cotton pads or cotton buds.

Homemade Body Scrub: Keep your coffee grounds after making your daily morning coffee, they make great body scrubs that help remove dead skin and treat cellulite. The best part - you can store them in your empties!

Jewellery: Keep all your rings and earrings organized in one place.

Travel: Can’t decide between rushing out last minute to buy travel sized containers or lugging your entire beauty routine set with you? Your 100ml or smaller containers make great travel size containers – just make sure to clean and dry them before refilling it with your own products.

Hair Accessories: Looping your hair elastics around empty bottles makes it super easy to grab one while keeping them visible so you remember where they are! P.S. Did you know that Egyptian Magic containers are the PERFECT size for keeping all your bobby bins in one place?

Other great ways to re-purpose your empties:

· Spice & herb containers

· Toothpick containers

Do you also re-purpose your beauty empties? Share your hacks with us by commenting below or replying to!

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