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Get Summer Ready with wakse

As the Covid restrictions are slowly being lifted throughout the country, it is time to get ready for the Summer with wakse! In case you wanted some Summer plan ideas to pair with your wakse goodies…

THE PREP: Uniquely formulated with a full punch of natural ingredients, wakse’s Maracuja Orange Pre Wax Spray helps to open up your pores, lift hair follicles, and gently cleanses the skin’s surface. A spritz of this magical spray is a step that you won’t want to miss for the most optimal and effective waxing experience.


If you like pina colada…wakse’s pineapple-scented 24k Gold hard wax beans is the perfect way to get your legs hairless and ready for patio season while jamming to Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic.

Dreaming of a helicopter ride over the volcanoes in Hawaii? Get a taste of it with wakse’s heat activated colour changing wax, Metamorphic Lava hard wax beans. Mimicking the lava flowing out volcanoes, this wax changes from jet black to a vibrant glowing orange when heated. What an experience for your senses!

Get ready for your Midsummer Night’s Dream dinner party with the refreshing floral scent of Liquid Lilac hard wax beans.

Have you always wanted to DRIP IN LIQUID ROSE GOLD?! Here’s your chance with wakse’s Rose Gold hard wax beans while enjoying the delicious aroma of cocoa.


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE-CREAM. Our favourite part of Summer will forever be the endless amounts of frozen sweetness. What’s YOUR flavour of choice?

Want something refreshing? Try wakse’s Mint Chocolate Chip hard wax beans

Prefer some yummy rich chocolate gooey-ness? Wakse’s Brownie Fudge hard wax beans got you covered!

More of a classics fan? We got your back with wakse’s Banana Split hard wax beans.

For the popsicle lover: Available in 3 flavours: Blueberry, Cali Kiwi, and Orange Cream, wakse’s unique popsicle wax brings your waxing game to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Featuring a reusable face and body wax applicator as its popsicle stick, these iconic popsicles bring some major FUN while getting you beach ready!

POST WAX CARE: Don’t forget to soothe and re-hydrate your skin with wakse’s Cactus H2O Post Wax Serum after waxing. Made with more than 20 natural ingredients, this bottle of goodness is the answer to calm inflammation and prevent in-grown hairs.

The best part – these goodies are vegan and cruelty-free!

Want wakse for your store? E-mail us now at to order.

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